When are grant application due ?

April 15 and October 15 of each year.

How do I apply?

Please see general information and application guidelines here.

Where do you fund projects?

We have no geographic restrictions. However, when projects require fieldwork, we prefer to support in-country field costs as opposed to covering transportation costs to get researchers from a home institution to a foreign field site.

Must my application be in English?

We currently support proposals in English and in Spanish.

I downloaded the guidelines and they aren't for the upcoming submission deadline. What do I do?

Please check back soon. Generally, new guidelines are posted at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

My proposal was rejected previously. Can I resubmit it?

Unless specifically invited to do so, you may not resubmit the same project once it has been rejected.

If you have additional questions about applying for a grant, please refer to the general information and application guidelines here. If, after reviewing all of the information available, you still have questions, please contact info@creoi.org.

We are printing a poster for our project. Can we use your logo?

Yes, we encourage use of our logo on products developed with our grant support. You can download our logo here: